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Why join Viditrainer?

Chances are good you’ve never worked for a company like Viditrainer before. We believe passionately in what we do, which is to offer world-class training resources and materials to South Africans in a world-class way. We’re young, fresh, tech-savvy, hard-working and kinda smart… in a non-nerdy, yet somewhat geeky, way!

If you want to live and work wherever you are, read on. We promise:

  • A total distaste for anything resembling politics, gossip and back-stabbing. Really, if you’re into that stuff, you’re not going to like it here.
  • A relaxed, yet very dynamic atmosphere. It’s possible.
  • No bureaucracy… whatsoever.
  • Flexibility. For most positions, we don’t expect you to show up at the office every day so you can forget the dreaded daily commute. We’ll touch base using online communication tools. In some cases, you’ll have to be close to Mossel Bay in the Garden Route area of the Western Cape. Check each position advertised for more details.

If you want to:

  • Do work that impacts on people’s lives.
  • Be proud of the results you produce.
  • Be an integral part of an exciting new South African company.
  • Have your voice heard and taken into account when decisions are made.
  • Be treated like the professional rockstar you are (or are working to become).
  • Get along with the boss.

Then we’re probably a good match.

Who are we and what do we do?

Our mission is to provide high-quality online training resources and materials for South African business people such as estate agents, small business owners and so forth. We aim to give them the knowledge so they can improve their businesses and their lives.

It just doesn’t make sense that people have to go to a class or a seminar or workshop to get quality training. If they miss the seminar for whatever reason, they’ve missed the training! Why shouldn’t our clients be able to get the best training on their own time and at their own pace? Better yet, why can’t they do the training in their pj’s in their own home with their favourite coffee mug in hand?

That’s where Viditrainer come in. We provide the tools so our clients can do exactly that!

You’d love us if:

  • You’re smart, creative, driven and energetic.
  • You’re entrepreneurial to your core.
  • You have no boxes in which you prefer to do your thinking.
  • You always take ownership of what you do.
  • You play nicely in a team but you don’t mind (in fact, you might even prefer) working on your own.
  • Deadlines are your biatch!
  • You know at least three Sheldon Cooper quotes. (if you don’t know who Sheldon Cooper is, you’re going to have to catch up fast)

Bottom line

If you have an extraordinary ability to take the ball and run with it, you’d love working with us.  If you need a lot of direction and supervision, our company wouldn’t be a good match for you.

On the other hand, if you love to go above and beyond the call of duty, are able to think outside the box, will never say, “That’s not my job,” and want to work with truly creative and dynamic people, this might be a great fit. We need to be able to tell you about the outcome we’re shooting for and then be able to turn you loose, knowing that you’ll get it done. You’re obsessive about attention to detail.

Join Viditrainer!

If you’ve read this far, and you are interested in joining us, click here for open positions.

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