What is sectional title law anyway?

Viditrainer Interviews – Episode 3

So you just got elected as a trustee in a sectional title scheme. Uhm… “What is sectional title and a sectional title scheme anyway?”

Fair question.

If you find yourself asking questions like the one above, don’t fret. You’re certainly not alone.

Many people don’t have a firm grasp on the concept of sectional title ownership, body corporate management and trustee duties.

In short, it works like this: You just bought a unit in a sectional title complex. These are complexes like blocks of flats, many town house developments and pretty much any communal living scheme where many people live in close proximity to each other. You own your own unit but there are other areas like, say, the communal pool or the entrance gate that you share with your neighbours.

As an owner in this complex, you automatically become a member of a body corporate, which looks after the complex and matters of common interest. Of course, if everybody had to sit and decide on every little nitty-gritty such as the brand of compost used in the gardens, nothing would get done.

So the members of the body corporate elect a few brave souls as trustees to handle the day-to-day running of the scheme. Problem is, many people who get elected as trustees have no idea what it entails. What are their duties? How do they make decisions? What happens if they forget something important?

In this interview, Deon talks to Cleon Steyl, a law graduate and principal level property professional. Cleon has extensive knowledge of the Sectional Titles Act, body corporate management and trustee duties.

If you’ve been elected as trustee recently, this is for you. If you’re an old hand, you’ll also find it useful. And if you just want to make sure that the trustees of your sectional title scheme are on the right track, you’re in luck too.

Enjoy the interview!

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