What to expect from a Viditrainer interview

So you have decided to take part in a Viditrainer interview? That’s great news! I am very happy and excited to get you on the show.

(By the way, click here to get yourself in line to be interviewed on our popular show.)

At this stage you probably want to know what you can expect from the interview.

Fair question.

To answer it properly, it’s important that you understand our mission:

We exist to help people improve their businesses and their lives.

Obviously our mission is quite simple in its formulation. The complexity lies in doing it well.

Our subscribers are serious about improving their businesses and their lives. They love to listen to people who can teach them something of value.

While value is a subjective concept, these few pointers below will give you an idea of things that are valuable to our subscribers:

  • If it is something they can successfully apply to their own businesses or their own lives, our subscribers will probably appreciate it.
  • Talk about your successes. Everybody loves to hear what works.
  • Talk about your failures. The most valuable lessons are sometimes learnt when the chips are down.
  • What motivated you to do what you are doing? The why is almost always more important than the how.
  • What other lessons have you learned? You probably have a few rules that you live by.
  • Where can our subscribers reach you? This will link back to your website.

I hope this helps to get you ready for the interview. For the most part, though, we are just going to have a chat. You can relax. In fact, it’s recommended.

However, if you cannot relax, contact me if you have any further questions. You have my details.

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