Why small business statistics are like a bikini [Interview with Dieter Deppisch]

Viditrainer Interviews – Episode 11

If you’re anything like me, if someone uses the words “Business Statistics” without warning, you’d be hard pressed not to get a glazed expression and an uncontrollable urge to yawn. I mean, come on, business statistics are just plain boring, aren’t they?

Well, no.

According to Dieter Deppisch, once you know what the most important numbers are for your business, statistics get much sexier.

In fact, it’s been said that statistics are like a bikini: What they reveal is seductive. What they hide is vital.

Thing is, if you start a small business, or a business of any size for that matter, chances are you’ll be using statistics. You might not even be aware of it.

In this week’s interview, Dieter Deppisch, formerly of Knowledge Factory (and the South African Property Transfer Guide or SAPTG) and now the owner of BrainJuuz Consulting, reveals the two most important numbers you have to know when starting a small business. Knowing these numbers could make the difference between a successful start-up and a broken dream.

Should you be starting a small business now?

If you’re thinking of launching a new business, Dieter provides some insights on the current state of the South African economy. He answers questions such as:

  • Is it a good time to start?
  • What can you expect?
  • Where are the current opportunities?
  • How has the world changed?

What about the property market?

Finally, Dieter looks at the current state of the South African property market. He provides revealing insights on what it takes to be a successful property professional these days.

Successful estate agents are connecting with their clients different than before. Dieter shows you how you can apply that in your own business much easier than you think.

Click below to watch the interview with Dieter now!

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