Small business for young entrepreneurs in South Africa – Interview with Lydia Zingoni

Viditrainer Interviews – Episode 12

As any entrepreneur knows, it is quite tough to get your small business off the ground. It’s especially true if you’re still a teenager.

Ironically, your teenage years are probably the best time to get your foot in the door to the business world. The world is your oyster and all that. The simple benefit of time puts you years ahead of your fellow entrepreneurs who start their businesses in their thirties, forties or even later.

Point is, while you’re young, you’re still free – and willing – to take risks that most adults can never dream of. Failure is indeed an option as any failure will turn out to be a great learning experience.  Also, it helps that your accommodation, meals and washing are still free.

Teenage entrepreneurs are not alone

In this week’s interview, I am talking to Lydia Zingoni. She is the dynamic founder and managing director of the South African Teen Entrepreneur Foundation.

As the name suggests, Teen Entrepreneur assists young entrepreneurs to get their businesses up and running. They do so through a combination of seminars, workshops, training programmes, online training and more. At the time of this interview, they have already assisted around 800 teen entrepreneurs through one of their initiatives.

To get the low-down on how they can help you make your small business dream a reality, check out the interview with Lydia below!

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Check out Teen Entrepreneur South Africa here

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