Sectional Title Trustee Training Course


Three-part introductory course for trustees of residential sectional title schemes. Whether you are a newly elected trustee or an old hand, this 3-part course will give you the tools and knowledge you need to manage your scheme.


So you have just been elected as a trustee by the body corporate members at your sectional title complex?


It’s great to be involved in the day-to-day management and decision-making process of your home. Many people cannot be bothered but you decided to take action!

But what now? What does it mean to be a trustee? What are your duties and responsibilities? How much of your time will it take? Can you get into trouble if you make mistakes or neglect to do certain things that you’re supposed to do?

To answer all of these important questions, we compiled this introductory course on what it means to be a trustee of a body corporate in a sectional title scheme.

During this course you will discover the following things:

  • You will get an introduction to the most important concepts and applicable legislation that you will encounter as a trustee. After this course, you will be comfortable with things such as levies, participation quotas, unanimous resolutions, annual general meetings and many, many more.
  • The difference between the management rules and conduct rules of sectional title schemes. As a trustee, you must know how these rules work and why they are so important for the proper functioning of your scheme.
  • Trustee meetings and body corporate meetings. How do trustee meetings and body corporate meetings work to ensure that everybody knows what’s expected of them and decisions are made in accordance with the law.
  • Many other expert tips to ensure a friendly and harmonious environment for all the occupants and for you you, the trustee!

The course is presented by Deon Terblanche, a qualified attorney and owner of a managing agency, as well as Cleon Steyl, a trustee trainer and law graduate.

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