Do you need a little debt counselling?

Viditrainer Interviews – Episode 7

Debt counselling!

If you’ve ever fallen behind on your monthly obligations, the mere mention of those two words probably made you look around nervously, didn’t it? We don’t talk about our low cashflow, do we?

Stop feeling guilty. Really!

Of the more than 65 MILLION active credit accounts in South Africa, a full 45% of them are in arrears. More people than you might imagine are in dire need of debt counselling.

South Africans – like the rest of the world – are struggling with debt. Times are tough!

(Incidentally, if you were wondering why there are more active credit accounts in South Africa than people, it’s because most people have more than one credit account.)

In this interview, Karen Gerrits of Debt Education sheds some light on debt counselling, the process, the costs involved and the best time to apply for it.

Watch the full interview to discover how applying for debt counselling might be one of the best decisions you could ever make.

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