How to really make money online – Get paid to tweet

Viditrainer Interviews – Episode 5

Work from home and make money online, they say.

Nonsense, you say.

Don’t you just love getting those wonderful emails promising you untold riches for only a few hours’ online work each day? Of course, they quickly add that you can only attain those riches for very little work if you follow some overpriced system that they are (conveniently) selling to you… for a tidy profit, thank you very much.

Now what would you say if I told you there really was an easy way to make some money online? You’re going to have to suspend your disbelief for a second. It’s true, you can earn a decent wad of cash on the side for doing something as easy as tweeting.

That’s tweeting like the kind you do on Twitter.

Allow me to explain…

All of this is made possible by three brilliant South African entrepreneurs and their start-up, PayBook. Luyanda Jafta, Mendy Nkosi and Zamo Tshabalala decided that most work is just plain hard… uhm… work. So they set out to answer a very simple question:

“What if you could get paid to tweet?”

In a stroke of genius comparable with the invention of smooth, low-fat peanut butter, they came up with an answer that I reckon you’re going to like.

(It’s yes!)

Watch the interview to see how it works.

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