How to set goals for 2013

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Learn how to set burning goals for 2013

And so, unexpectedly, like the slurping sound you suddenly get when you reach the bottom of your milkshake, the end of 2012 has arrived.

Any respectable self-help or business guru will tell you this is the perfect time to reflect on the year that was. Importantly, they will also advise you to plan ahead for 2013.

You’d be forgiven for expecting me to tell you now to write down a detailed list of wonderful new year’s resolutions, wouldn’t you?

Well, actually I am going to tell you to flatly ignore the self-help gurus’ advice.

New year’s resolutions are so 2012

Yes, I am serious. Forget the new year’s resolutions.

Do you really need another list of resolutions that are broken faster than the Paralympic 100m sprint record by Oscar Pistorius? My very un-scientific research (I asked around at my offices) has shown that 92,32345% of all new year’s resolutions are broken before the third week in January of the new year.

If you are one of the 0,0002% of people who manage to stick to your new year’s resolutions, please continue doing them. Also, all statistics and time periods have been made up on the spot.


How to set goals for 2013 that are meaningful

I decided to use a better method this year after hearing James Wedmore talk about it on his blog. You should try it.

It’s only going to work if you actually do it, though. Don’t say you’re going to get to it later. You know you’ll forget or other things will come up.

Do it now!

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Write down all your successes during 2012. Be as detailed as possible. Write down your major achievements in business as well as in your personal life. Also write down the little things you achieved and are proud of. Take a moment if you have to but try to be as thorough as possible

Lessons learnt from it

On the opposite side, write down all the things you have learnt from your successes. What did you do to achieve these successes? How can you replicate the successes? Remember, winning is a habit and momentum leads to more momentum


Now write down all your failures during 2012. What didn’t you achieve in your business or your personal life? Again, try to be as detailed as possible. Remember, this is for your eyes only so there is no need to hide anything.

Lessons learnt from it

You can see where this going, can’t you? Opposite the failures, write down all the things you have learnt from them. Why did you fail? What was your share of the failure? Remember, if you’re to blame for something, it also means you can fix it. How can you avoid the same failures next year?

Now burn it!

Yes, I am serious again.

Look carefully at the list you compiled with your successes, failures and lessons learnt.

Then burn the list.

Don’t do it later. Burn it now! Of course, be safe, but burn it.

This is an incredibly effective way to move on to the next year with absolutely no baggage, in a manner of speaking, from the previous year. It is very satisfying to look at the list with your failures on it being burnt away into boring, black, unimportant ashes. Conversely, it is also quite sobering to realize that your successes of 2012 are now history, and 2013 requires a renewed commitment from you.

Improve your business and your life

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