How to develop an app for iPad and iPhone

Viditrainer Interviews – Episode 6

Have you ever thought about developing an app for the iPad and iPhone and making some decent cash from it? You should. The numbers are staggering.

  • 40 billion – That’s the numbers of apps that have been downloaded since 2008 when the iOS App Store opened.
  • 20 billion – Half of the total number of apps have been downloaded in 2012 alone. Do you see the trend here? The numbers are rising. FAST!
  • 775,000 – The total number of apps available in the App Store now.
  • Over 500 million – The number of active iTunes accounts. If you didn’t know, this is the number of credit cards Apple has on file.
  • $7 billion – This is the amount of money that has been paid out to app developers since 2008.

Not surprisingly, an increasing number of smart South Africans are doing incredible things to get a share of this lucrative market for iPhone and iPad apps. The bright guys at FlyNRate are three examples of that.

According to their website, FlyNRate “… gives you access to the FlyNRate travel community which not only helps you track your flights but allows you to rate your experiences and share these with your friends. You will also be able to see how other people rate their flights which will help you decide which airline you will choose for your next flight.”

I spoke to Oliver Werneyer to hear what it took to develop an app for iPad and iPhone, how they funded it, how they’re making money from it and much, much more.

Enjoy the interview!

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