Quality, online real estate training

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Which means that quality, online real estate training is accessible to all your agents, whether they are based in Bryanston, Boksburg, Buysdorp or Bloemhof. All they need is a computer with an internet connection (even a mobile phone will do), and they have access to the training.

Rethink your training

Training seminars, workshops and other in-person events are great… as long as all your agents are able to attend it.

  • But what about the agent who cannot attend the training event?
  • What about the agent who started at your company AFTER the training event?
  • What about the agent who wants to revisit the training material in his/her own time after the event?

Before, these agents would simply have missed out on the expensive training that you paid for.

Get a better return on your real estate training investment

Because Viditrainer is online, your agents never have to miss out on any important real estate training ever again. They can simply log in at their own time when it suits them.

You can watch, rewind, pause and re-watch any training module – until you are satisfied. You’re in command.

The training videos are perfect as training material and discussion topics for your weekly sales meetings.

The net result? They get trained, and they get better. You win.

Check out an example of the online real estate training

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More reasons to change your real estate training

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