The best way to build a business

What is the best way to build a business that lasts?

[Check out the video below]

Borrowing from a post by Seth Godin in Fast Company, I’d say you should approach it like a chicken braai*:

Slow and Gradual give juicy results

It’s hard to get the results we really want. Psychologically we are hard-wired to look for the easy, quick fix.

“Just press this button”, “Click here for immediate results”, “Turn-key solution” or “Done-for-you” etc. You know what I mean.

Who wants to grind out a win when you can get the spoils immediately? Why would you start your music career performing in dimly-lit bars with noisy patrons when you can enter Idols and get a record deal in just two months? Why eat healthy and exercise 4 times a week when you can just cram the Atkins Diet?

It’s easy to be duped into believing that results come overnight. I think building a sustainable business is so hard that we are desperate for a shortcut to success.

To build a business takes more than that

Check out the short video below. In it I reveal the real way to build a business that lasts.

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*By the way, the word “braai” is a South Africanism for what the rest of the world calls a barbeque. I figured you wanted to know.

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